Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

may not be covered by the vehicle warranty. While MTBE
is an oxygenate made from Methanol, it does not have
the negative effects of Methanol.
MMT In Gasoline
MMT is a manganese containing metallic additive that is
blended into some gasoline to increase the octane num-
ber. Gasolines blended with MMT offer no performance
advantage beyond gasolines of the same octane number
without MMT. Gasolines blended with MMT have shown
to reduce spark plug life and reduce emission system
performance in some vehicles. The manufacturer recom-
mends using gasolines without MMT. Since the MMT
content of gasoline may not be indicated on the pump,
you should ask your gasoline retailer whether or not
his/her gasoline contains MMT.
It is even more important to look for gasolines without
MMT in Canada, because MMT can be used at levels
higher than those allowed in the United States.
MMT is prohibited in Federal and California reformu-
lated gasolines.
Sulfur In Gasoline
Your vehicle may have been designed to meet California
low emission standards when using cleaner burning
California reformulated gasoline with low sulfur. This
vehicle may be sold nationwide. Your vehicle will oper-
ate satisfactorily on fuels meeting Federal specification,
but emission control system performance may be ad-
versely affected.
Gasoline sold outside of California is permitted to have
higher sulfur levels which may affect the performance of
the vehicle’s catalytic converter. This may cause the
Malfunction Indicator Light to illuminate. The manufac-
turer recommends that you try a different brand of
unleaded gasoline having lower sulfur to determine if the
problem is fuel related prior to returning your vehicle to
an authorized dealer for service.