Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Rear Axle
Empty Weight 2538 lbs
(1151 kg)
2076 lbs
(942 kg )
Load (Including driver, pass-
sengers and cargo)
223 lbs
(101 kg)
890 lbs
(404 kg)
Total 2762 lbs
(1253 kg)
2968 lbs
(1346 kg)
GAWR 2826 lbs
(1282 kg)
3035 lbs
(1377 kg)
In this section you will find safety tips and information
on limits to the type of towing you can reasonably do
with your vehicle. Before towing a trailer carefully re-
view this information to tow your load as efficiently and
safely as possible.
To maintain warranty coverage, follow the requirements
and recommendations in this manual concerning ve-
hicles used for trailer towing.
Perform maintenance services as prescribed in the main-
tenance schedules manual. When your vehicle is used for
trailer towing, never exceed the gross axle weight rating
(GAWR) by the addition of:
The tongue weight of the trailer.
The weight of any other type of cargo or equipment
put in or on your vehicle.
Remember that everything put in or on the trailer adds
to the load on your vehicle.