Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Rotating the center of the switch up to the DEL (Delay)
position or the ON position will activate the rear wiper.
Push the lever forward to initiate the rear wash function
in any of the three positions. The washer pump will
continue to operate as long as the lever is pressed. Upon
release, the rear wiper will cycle two times before return-
ing to the set position.
Adding Washer Fluid
The fluid reservoir for the windshield washers and the
rear window washer is shared. It is located in the front of
the engine compartment on the driver’s side and should
be checked for fluid level at regular intervals. Fill the
reservoir with windshield washer solvent (not radiator
antifreeze) and operate the system for a few seconds to
flush out the residual water.
The washer fluid reservoir will hold a full gallon of fluid
when Low Washer Fluid illuminates in the Electronic
Vehicle Information Center (EVIC).