Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

A hot engine cooling system is dangerous. You or
others could be badly burned by steam or boiling
coolant. You may want to call a service center if your
vehicle overheats. If you decide to look under the
hood yourself, see Section 7 of this manual. Follow
the warnings under the Cooling System Pressure
Cap paragraph.
3. Fuel Gauge
The pointer shows the level of fuel in the fuel tank when
the ignition switch is in the ON position.
The Low Fuel Light will turn on when the fuel level
reaches approximately 2 to 4 gallons (7 to 15 liters)
this light will remain on until fuel is added.
4. Turn Signal Indicators
The arrow will flash with the exterior turn signal
when the turn signal lever is operated.
If the vehicle electronics sense that the vehicle has
traveled about one mile with the turn signals on, a chime
will sound to alert you to turn the signals off. If either
indicator flashes at a rapid rate, check for a defective
outside light bulb.
5. Speedometer
Indicates vehicle speed.
6. Anti-Lock Light
This light monitors the Anti-Lock Brake System.
The light will turn on when the ignition switch is
turned to the ON position and may stay on for as long as
four seconds.
If the ABS light remains on or turns on while driving, it
indicates that the Anti-Lock portion of the brake system