Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Refrigerant Recovery And Recycling
The air conditioning system of your vehicle contains
R-134a, a refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer
in the upper atmosphere. The manufacture recommends
that air conditioning service be done by facilities using
refrigerant recycling and recovery equipment that meets
SAE standard J1991.
A/C Air Filter
The filter access door is located under the instrument
panel on the passenger side. To replace the filter slide the
lock toward the rear of the vehicle (unlock position).
Remove the access door and pull the filter downward.
When installing a new filter, ensure its proper orienta-
tion. Align the black arrow on the bottom of the filter
frame with the direction of airflow (away from the
blower motor and towards the center of the car).
Refer to the “Maintenance Schedules” section of this
manual for the recommended air conditioning filter
replacement intervals.
Power Steering Fluid Check
Checking the power steering fluid level at a defined
service interval is not required. The fluid should only be
checked if a leak is suspected, abnormal noises are
apparent, and/or the system is not functioning as antici-
pated. Coordinate inspection efforts through a certified
DaimlerChrysler Dealership.Љ