Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Warranty Requirements
The Manufacturer’s Passenger Vehicle Warranty will
apply to vehicles used to tow trailers for non-commercial
use. However the following conditions must be met:
The maximum frontal area of the trailer cannot exceed
20 square feet (1.86 square meters).
The trailer tongue load must be considered as part of
the combined weight of occupants and cargo, and
should never exceed the weight referenced on the Tire
and Loading Information placard. Refer to the Tire–
Safety Information Section in this manual.
The “D” range can be selected when towing. However,
if frequent shifting occurs while in this range, the “3”
range must be selected.
NOTE: Using the “3” range while operating the vehicle
under heavy operating conditions will improve perfor-
mance and extend transmission life by reducing exces-
sive shifting and heat build up.
Connecting trailer brakes to your vehicle’s hydraulic
brake lines can overload your brake system and
cause it to fail. You might not have brakes when you
need them and could have an accident.
Do not attempt to tow a trailer while using a compact
spare tire.
Whenever you pull a trailer, regardless of the trailer
size, stop lights and turn signals on the trailer are
recommended for motoring safety.