Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Section of this manual. More frequent rotation is permis-
sible if desired. The reasons for any rapid or unusual
wear should be corrected prior to rotation being per-
NOTE: The Tire Pressure Monitor system must be
retrained following a tire rotation. See your authorized
dealer for service.
The suggested rotation method is the “forward-cross”
shown in the following diagram.
Your vehicle is designed to meet all emis-
sions regulations and provide satisfactory
fuel economy and performance when us-
ing high quality unleaded gasoline having
an octane range of 87 to 89 or higher. The
manufacturer recommends the use of 89
octane for optimum performance.
Light spark knock at low engine speeds is not harmful to
your engine. However, continued heavy spark knock at
high speeds can cause damage and immediate service is
required. Engine damage resulting from operating with a
heavy spark knock may not be covered by the new
vehicle warranty.
Poor quality gasoline can cause problems such as hard
starting, stalling and hesitations. If you experience these
symptoms, try another brand of gasoline before consid-
ering service for the vehicle.