Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

To set the variance: Turn the ignition switch ON and set
the display to Compass. Press the RESET button for
approximately 5 seconds but no more than 10 seconds.
The “COMPASS VARIANCE” message and the last vari-
ance zone number will be displayed. Press the STEP
button to select the proper variance zone as shown in the
map. Press the RESET button to set the new variance
zone and resume normal operation.
Mini-Trip Functions If Equipped
This displays information on the following:
Average Fuel Economy (ECO AVG)
Shows the average fuel economy since the last reset. The
minimum average fuel economy that will be displayed
on reset is 0.3 mpg.
Distance To Empty (DTE)
Shows the estimated distance that can be travelled with
the fuel remaining in the tank. This estimated distance is
determined using the MPG for the last few minutes.