Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Reset Service Distance (Displays Only if Service
Interval was Changed)
When this feature is selected the current accumulated
service distance can be reset to the newly selected service
interval. Pressing the STEP button when in this display
will select “Yes” or “No.”
Power Accessory Delay?
When this feature is selected, the power window
switches, radio, hands–free system, DVD video system,
power sunroof, and power outlets will remain active for
up to 45 seconds after the ignition switch has been turned
off. Opening a vehicle door or liftgate will cancel this
Easy Exit Seat? (Available with Memory Seat Only)
When this feature is selected, the driver’s seat moves
rearward 5 cm (2 inches) or to the farthest rearward
position if this distance is less than 5 cm (2 inches) when
the key is removed from the ignition switch so that the
driver can more easily exit the vehicle. The seat will
return to the memorized seat location (if REMOTE LINK
TO MEMORY is set to YES) when the remote keyless
entry transmitter is used to unlock the door. Pressing the
STEP button when in this display will select “Yes” or
Retrain Tire Sensors (Available with Tire Pressure
Monitor System Only)
The Tire Pressure Monitor system must be retrained
following a tire rotation or wheel rim mounted sensor
replacement. See your authorized dealer for service.
Compass Display If Equipped
This display provides one of eight compass readings to
indicate the direction the vehicle is facing.
Automatic Compass Calibration
This compass is self calibrating which eliminates the
need to manually set the compass. When the vehicle is
new, the compass may appear erratic and the EVIC will