Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

The radio display will flash “SEEK” and the selected PTY
program type when searching for the next PTY station. If
no station is found with the selected PTY program type,
the radio will return to the last preset station.
If a preset button is activated while in the PTY (Program
Type) mode, the PTY mode will be exited and the radio
will tune to the preset station.
Pressing PTY, then SCAN will scan the FM Band and stop
at all RDS stations that broadcast the station type. Each
RDS station will be played for a 5 second scan once
around the FM Band and stop at the last station. The PTY
icon will then turn off.
Press and release the SEEK button to search for the next
station in either the AM or FM mode. Press the top of the
button to seek up and the bottom to seek down. The
radio will remain tuned to the new station until you
make another selection. Holding the button in will by-
pass stations without stopping until you release it.
Press and release the SCAN button to search for the next
station in either the AM or FM mode. The radio will
pause for 5 seconds at each listenable station before
continuing to the next. To stop the search, press the
SCAN button a second time.
Press the TUNE control up or down to increase or
decrease the frequency. If you press and hold the button,
the radio will continue to tune until you release the
button. The frequency will be displayed and continu-
ously updated while the button is pressed.
Balance BAL
The Balance control adjusts the left-to-right speaker bal-
ance. Press the BAL button in and it will pop out. Adjust
the balance and push the button back in.