Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Even if the transmission can be reset, it is
recommended that you visit a dealer at your earliest
possible convenience. Your dealer has diagnostic equip-
ment to determine if the problem could recur.
If the transmission cannot be reset, dealer service is
Gear Ranges
DO NOT race the engine when shifting from PARK or
NEUTRAL positions into another gear range.
“P” Park
Supplements the parking brake by locking the transmis-
sion. The engine can be started in this range. Never
attempt to use PARK while vehicle is in motion.
Apply parking brake when leaving vehicle in this range.
“R” Reverse
Shift into this range only after the vehicle has come to a
complete stop.
“N” Neutral
Engine may be started in this range.
“D” Overdrive
To be used for most city and highway driving, it provides
smoothest upshifts and downshifts and best fuel
economy. When frequent transmission shifting occurs
while using the “D” Overdrive position, such as when
operating the vehicle under heavy loading conditions,
(i.e. in hilly terrain, traveling into strong head winds or
while towing heavy trailers), use the AutoStick mode and
select the “3” range.
NOTE: Using the “3” range in the AutoStick mode
while operating the vehicle under heavy operating con-
ditions will improve performance and extend transmis-
sion life by reducing excessive shifting and heat build up.