Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

All Wheel Drive
Your vehicle may be towed under the following condi-
tions: The gear selector must be in NEUTRAL, the
distance to be traveled must not exceed 100 miles (160
km), the towing speed must not exceed 44 mph (72
km/h), and both front and rear wheels must be on the
ground. If your vehicle must be towed farther or at a
higher rate of speed, it must be transported on a flat bed
All Transmissions
Do not attempt to tow this vehicle from the front
with sling type towing equipment. Damage to the
front fascia will result.
The only approved method of towing is with a flat
bed truck.
Do not tow the vehicle from the rear. Damage to
the rear sheet metal, liftgate and fascia will occur.
Do not push or tow this vehicle with another
vehicle as damage to the bumper fascia and trans-
mission may result.