Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

In an accident a cargo cover loose in the vehicle
could cause injury. It could fly around in a sudden
stop and strike someone in the vehicle. Do not store
the cargo cover on the cargo floor or in the passenger
compartment. Remove the cover from the vehicle
when taken from its mounting. Do not store in the
Stowed Position
1. Fold down the third row seatbacks.
2. Fold the cargo cover extensions to their stowed posi-
tion and lock into place.
3. Insert the pins on the ends of the cover into the slots
located on the trim panel behind the third row seatbacks.
4. Grasp the center portion of the cover flap. Pull it over
the cargo area.
5. Insert the pins on the ends of the cover flap into the
slots on the rear trim panel.
6. The liftgate may be opened or closed with the cargo
cover in place.
Cargo Tie-Down Hooks
The tie-downs located on cargo area floor and on the rear
trim panels should be used to safely secure loads when
vehicle is moving.