Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

regulates the heating and air conditioning system includ-
ing blower speed, outlet air temperature, and airflow
distribution through the various outlets within the in-
strument panel. Using the ЉTEMPЉ buttons, adjust the
temperature you would like the system to maintain.
When the system is set to your comfort level, it is not
necessary to change the settings. You will experience the
greatest efficiency by allowing the system to function
automatically. The system will operate fully automati-
cally in either ЉAUTO HIЉ or ЉAUTO LOЉ. The ЉAUTO
LOЉ setting will limit the maximum fan speed and should
be used when more quiet operation is desired. Use the
ЉAUTO HIЉ setting when the quickest cool-down or
warm-up performance is desired.
It is not necessary to move the temperature settings for
cold or hot vehicles. The system automatically adjusts
the temperature, mode and fan speed to provide
comfort as quickly as possible.
The temperature can be displayed in U.S. or Metric by
selecting the US/M customer programmable feature.
Refer to the “Electronic Vehicle Information Center-
Customer Programmable Features” in Section 3 of this
To provide you with maximum comfort in the automatic
mode, during cold start-ups the blower fan will remain
off and “DELAY” will appear in the display until the
engine warms up. An estimate of the time remaining
until the “DELAY” is complete will appear periodically
in the display. However, the fan will engage immediately
if the defrost mode is selected or by pushing the blower
switch and manually adjusting the fan speed.
This feature may be disabled using the following proce-
Press and hold the Heated Rear Window and Auto LO
buttons for 5 seconds.