Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Parade Mode (Daytime Brightness Feature)
Rotate the dimmer control upward to
the first detent. This feature brightens
the odometer and radio display when
the parking lights or headlights are on
during daylight conditions.
Automatic Headlights
This system automatically turns your headlights ON or
OFF based on ambient light levels. To turn the system
ON, turn the end of the Multi-Function Lever to the third
detent position. When the system is ON, the Headlight
Time Delay feature is also ON. This means your head-
lights will stay ON for up to 90 seconds after you turn the
ignition switch OFF. To turn the Automatic System OFF,
turn the end of the Multi-Function Lever to the OFF
NOTE: The engine must be running before the head-
lights will come ON in the Automatic mode.
Daytime Running Lights (Canada Only)
The high beam headlights will come on as Daytime
Running Lights whenever the ignition switch is on, the
headlights are off, and the parking brake is off. The
headlight switch must be used for normal night time
Lights-on Reminder
If the headlights or parking lights are on after the ignition
is turned OFF, a chime will sound to alert the driver
when the driver’s door is opened.
Headlight Time Delay
This feature provides the safety of headlight illumination
for up to 90 seconds, when leaving your vehicle in an
unlighted area.