Chrysler 2004 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

release the Trip Odometer button. To reset a trip odom-
eter, display the desired trip odometer to be reset then
push and hold the button until the display resets (ap-
proximately 2 seconds).
14. Cruise Indicator
This display indicator shows that the Speed Control
System is ON.
15. Malfunction Indicator Light
This light is part of an onboard diagnostic system
called OBD that monitors engine and automatic
transmission control systems. The light will illu-
minate when the key is in the ON position before engine
start. If the bulb does not come on when turning the key
from OFF to ON, have the condition checked promptly.
Certain conditions such as a loose or missing gas cap,
poor fuel quality, etc. may illuminate the light after
engine start. The vehicle should be serviced if the light
stays on through several of your typical driving cycles. In
most situations the vehicle will drive normally and will
not require towing.
The Malfunction Indicator Light flashes to alert you to
serious conditions that could lead to immediate loss of
power or severe catalytic converter damage. The vehicle
should be serviced as soon as possible if this occurs.
16. High Beam Light
This light shows that the headlights are on high
beam. Pull the Multi-Function lever towards the
steering wheel to switch the headlights from high or low
17. Navigation Screen If Equipped
Displays the current navigation screen.
18. Front Fog Light Indicator If Equipped
This light shows the front fog lights are ON.