Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

To obtain accessories, see your local dealer or visit
the GARMIN web site at and click on
Shop link.
12-volt Adapter Cable: Provides unit power from an
automobile cigarette lighter.
2.5 to 3.5 mm Jack Adapter: Allows you to use 3rd
party headsets with your Rino unit..
Bash Guard Kit: Helps protect the Rino’s edges against
hard shocks. Includes 2 bash guards, quick-release neck
lanyard and belt clip.
Carrying Case: Protects the Rino and permits use while
in the case.
Earbud with PTT (Push To Talk) Mic: Earbud fi ts
snuggly inside of and has a clip-on mic with PTT button.
Flexible Ear Receiver: Comfortable earpiece for better
hearing ability of your Rino.
Headset with VOX Boom Mic: Hands-free at it’s best!
Utilize the Rino’s VOX (Voice Operated Transmission)
feature with this headset and voice activated boom mic.
Instructional Video: For getting accustomed to your
Rino basic operations quickly.
MapSource™ Map Data CD-ROMs: An excellent tool
for creating waypoints and routes on your PC using a
background map and downloading them to your Rino.
See your GARMIN dealer for MapSource details.
NiMH Battery Charger: Why buy when you can
recharge? Includes NiMH battery charger and 4 AA NiMH
PC Data Cable and 12-volt Adapter: Allows transfer of
waypoints and routes from a PC to the Rino and provides
unit power from an automobile cigarette lighter.
Rail/Handlebar Mount: Allows you to mount your Rino
on most rails or handlebars.
Suction Cup Mount: Allows you to mount your Rino on
most smooth surfaces or inside windscreens.
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