Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

Navigation Page Options
The options include:
Stop Navigation - Cancels navigation (“Grayed
out” or disabled unless you are navigating on a Goto,
Track, or Route.)
Bearing Pointer/Course Pointer - Toggles between
Bearing (always directed at destination) and Course
(distinctive with dots across center of compass, shows
amount of correction needed to be back on course.)
Change Scale - Only appears when Course
Pointer is selected. Use the CLICK STICK to
change the CDI scale. Scale value appears in
the upper right area of the compass.
Show Data Fields/Big Compass -
toggles to display
data fi elds on the right side of the display or remov-
ing the data fi elds and showing a larger compass.
Restore Defaults - Returns options and data fi eld
choices to factory designations.
To the right of the page are four data fi elds (and one
on the top) that are user programmable with a choice of
different data options. See page 18 for details on changing
data fi elds.
The Bearing Pointer and Compass Ring work inde-
pendently of the direction of your movement and the
direction to your destination. The Bearing Pointer always
points directly to the destination, no matter what your
current location might be.
For example: if the arrow is pointing straight up,
you are going directly to your destination. If it points
any direction other than up, turn and move towards
the direction the arrow is pointing until it points up
and then continue in that direction. If you are using the
‘Course Pointer’ option instead and you drift away from
the original line of travel to your destination, the Course
Deviation Indicator (CDI) provides graphic indication of
drift (right or left) and displays the distance off course.
Navigation Page with
Course Pointer and
Course Deviation Indicator
(CDI) Scale active.
Navigation Page
The Main Pages
Navigation Page with
Bearing Pointer and
Big Compass..
CDI Scale
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