Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

Send Location - Overview
Another feature is the ability to send a specifi c loca-
tion to other Rino users. This can come in handy if you
are trying to round-up the group, or just want to meet at
a specifi c location. You may send any point found from
the Find ‘N Go menu. If the unit needs to wait until 10
seconds have elapsed since the last position transmission,
a “Waiting to send location...” message will appear until
the unit is able to transmit. If a location is sent more than
once, a number will automatically be added to the end of
the name (CAMP, CAMP 1, CAMP 2, etc.).
To send a location:
1. Press the CLICK STICK IN and hold it until the
Shortcuts Menu is displayed.
2. Highlight “‘Find ‘N’ Go’” and press the CLICK
3. Highlight the desired category and press the CLICK
STICK IN. ( For the Contacts List, select the desired
contact and press the CLICK STICK IN.)
4. Depending on which category you select, highlight
the desired item and press IN on the CLICK STICK
to display the Information page for that item.
5. From the Information Page, highlight the Options
Menu in the upper right and press IN on the CLICK
6. Highlight ‘Send Location’ and press IN again. The
unit will now send the point to the other Rino users
on your channel/code. If using the Scramble feature,
receiving radios must also have Scramble enabled.
Radio Page
Send Location
To send a location, high-
light the Options Menu
from the Waypoint Review
Page and press IN.
Choose ‘Send Location’
and press IN.
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