Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

Games Menu
The Games Page includes: Memory Race, Waypoint
Bomber, Clothesline, Assimilation and Beast Hunt.
Highlight the appropriate icon and then press IN on the
CLICK STICK to play the desired game. Brief instructions
will be displayed when you start each game.
Memory Race
Be the fi rst to clear the board by matching all of the two
symbols sets together. Each symbol is in a square (you can
adjust the size) which you will need to walk or travel to.
Once your position appears in a square, highlight ‘Open’
at the bottom of the screen and press IN on the CLICK
STICK. Play by yourself or race against others! Press PAGE
to quit at any time.
To adjust the Grid Size or Square Size:
1. Highlight the ‘Grid Size’ or Square Size’ field and press
2. Choose the desired size and press IN. Highlight ‘Start’
and press IN to begin the game!
Waypoint Bomber
In this game, it’s good to stay on the move! Two or
more players attempt to “bomb” each other using their Rino
radios. All players must be on the same channel/code to
play. Move your cursor around on the map page using your
CLICK STICK. When you think an opponent is close to
the cursor, drop a bomb by press IN on the CLICK STICK.
The receiving radio will show an ‘Incoming” message. If
the receiving radio is within the blast circle (about 45 feet),
it will display a message that you have been hit. You must
wait 10 seconds during shots to reload. You could play
to the fi rst player with so many hits loses or have a timed
game with the winner being the one with the least amount
of hits on their radio! Hint: Mark stationary objects such as
trees, poles etc and drop a bomb when an opposing player
is near that object! Adjust the rules to your liking!
1. To fire at the cursor location, press Enter (IN on the
2. To fire at your current location, press the TALK key.
3. Press CALL to view the scoreboard at any time.
4. Press PAGE to quit the game at any time.
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