Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

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Satellite Page
Satellite Page using WAAS.
Satellite Page
The Satellite Page provides a picture of satellite signal
tracking, tells you when the unit is ready for navigation,
and shows your location coordinates.
The Skyview graphic represents a view looking up
at the sky from your current location showing satellites
and their assigned numbers. The outer ring represents
the horizon around you, the inner ring represents a view
above you at a 45° angle from vertical, and the center
represents directly overhead. Signal Strength Bars for each
satellite are shown to the left of the Skyview. Satellites
and their signals appear as hollow shapes until a signal is
received and then they appear darkened in. The stronger
the signal, the taller the signal bar.
The Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
capability produces a more accurate position fi x. When
enabled (the GPS mode set to ‘Normal’ and the interface
set to other than RTCM mode), this feature searches for
a WAAS satellite near your location and then receives
data for correcting differentials in the GPS satellite signals
and the WAAS satellite numbers (beginning at No. 33 or
above) display on the Satellite Page. When differential
correction data has been received for GPS satellites (num-
bers 32 or below), a ‘D’ displays in the signal bar beneath
the skyview. It is helpful to orient the unit antenna toward
the WAAS satellite shown in the skyview. To learn more
about the WAAS System, access the Federal Aviation
Administration web site ( Because the
Rino relies on satellite signals to provide you with naviga-
tional guidance, the unit’s view of the sky determines how
fast you achieve navigational status. GPS signals do not
Outerring -
Innerring- 45°
abovethe horizon
Centerdot -90°
abovethe horizon
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