Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

Radio Page - Overview
The Radio Page is the fi rst of the default Main Pages.
This page provides the user interface for FRS (Family Radio
Service) and GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radio
operations. Use this page to control and setup the radio,
view current settings and see informational graphics of the
radio’s operation.
The ‘My ID’ fi eld allows you to customize a name and
chose a symbol that will appear on other Rino units as you
communicate with them.
The Rino has a total of 22 channels (14 on Canadian
versions) and 38 squelch codes to select from using the
‘Channel’ and ‘Code’ fi elds. Channels 1-14 are for FRS and
15-22 are for GMRS. GMRS (disabled by default and not
available on Canadian units) frequencies are regulated by the
FCC (Federal Communications Commission). In order to
transmit on these frequencies, you are required to obtain a
license from the FCC (see pg. ii-iii). The ‘Scan’ option allows
you to scan through the channels for voice activity. The
‘Monitor’ option lets you monitor a single channel for any
activity, including static and weak voice signals. You might
choose this option if a signal is getting out of range or weak.
The Informational Picture on the bottom half of screen
features GARMIN’s Mr. Mark Waypoint to show current GPS
& radio status (see pg. 9) and radio actions. As you operate
the unit, the graphics will change depending on what actions
you are taking or unit settings.
The Status Bar at the top of the page will show icons for
current radio settings and operation. The Options Menu, on
the right side of the Status Bar, has settings for Setting up the
radio, defi ning a scanlist, and turning the GPS or radio On/
Off. The Main Page Menu, on the far right side of the Status
Bar, allows you to jump to any of the available Main Pages.
The Rino buttons (Except the TALK key) may be key-
locked in order to avoid unwanted keypresses.
To lock/unlock the keys :
1. Press IN and hold the CLICK STICK to access the
Shortcut Menu, then highlight ‘Enable Keylock’ and
press IN. To unlock, press and hold the PAGE key until
‘Keylock Disabled’ is displayed (about 5 seconds)
Radio Page
The Main Page
Radio Page
Hold PAGE to release the
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