Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

Using Track Logs
The Rino draws an electronic bread crumb trail on the
Map Page as you travel along. This bread crumb trail is
the ‘Track Log’. The Track Log contains information about
points along its path, including time, and position. The
Rino uses this information to allow you to navigate using
the saved track. You may also save tracks from other Rino
users as they communicate with you.
The ‘TracBack’ feature allows you to return along a
traveled path without marking any waypoints. When you
are ready to return to where you started, the Rino takes you
back by following the ‘Track Log’ that you left behind. You
can save a total of 20 tracks in the unit memory. The Track
Log starts recording as soon as the unit gets a satellite loca-
tion fi x and the Track Log feature is turned on. When you
no longer need a Track Log you can press the on-screen
‘Clear’ button to remove it.
If you want to keep a record of a certain track log or
use the ‘TracBack’ feature, it is recommended that you clear
the Track Log before you start traveling. The percentage
of memory used by the current track log is displayed in
a window at the top of the page. After the Track Log is
‘Cleared’, it displays zero percent. When the display reaches
100%, the most recent track points start to overwrite the
least recent if the default setting ‘Wrap When Full’ remains
selected on the track log setup. To avoid losing track points
you want, save the Track Log when it approaches the 99%
mark. The active track log will store up to 3000 points.
The Saved Track Page displays the track and it can also
be displayed on the Main Map Page as you navigate. You
may save up to 20 tracks with 250 points per track in the
unit. Saved Contact tracks count towards this total.
The ‘TracBack’ feature allows you to retrace your track
(or another Rino user’s track) in both directions. Tracks are
marked BEGIN and END.
You can set the track recording interval to Distance,
Time, or Automatic. You can set the Track display resolu-
tion to High, Medium, Low, and Lowest. You can also use
the Options Menu to delete all saved tracks.
Tracks Page
Track on Main Map Page
For effective use of the
“TracBack” feature, clear
the Track Log before
starting a new trip or after
saving the Track Log.
Rename saved Track Logs
to help identify them later.
Main Menu Page
Tracks Page
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