Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

Units Page
The Units features are best used by individuals with
a working knowledge of map grids and datums. To learn
more about these subjects, visit the National Imagery and
Mapping Agency at or inquire at
your local library.
To select Units Page options:
1. For all fields on this page, highlight the field and
then press the CLICK STICK to display the Options
Menu for the field.
2. Highlight the desired option on the menu and then
press the CLICK STICK to place it in the field.
Position Format - Allows you to choose from
different grid formats. The default position format,
‘hddd°mm.mmm’ displays the latitude and longitude in
degrees and minutes and is most commonly used.The
following additional formats are available:
hddd.ddddd°— latitude/longitude in decimal degrees
only, hddd°mm’ss.s”— latitude/longitude in degrees,
minutes, seconds, UTM/UPS— Universal Transverse
Mercator / Universal Polar Stereographic grids, British
Grid, Dutch Grid, Finnish KKJ27, German Grid, India
Zones, Irish Grid, Loran TD, Maidenhead, MGRS, New
Zealand, Qatar Grid, RT90, Swedish Grid, Swiss Grid,
Taiwan Grid, User Grid, W Malayan RSO
Using the LORAN TD Format
When creating new waypoints using LORAN TD
coordinates, you must set the correct LORAN chain
number and secondary stations in the Setup TD fi eld
before storing the waypoint. After the waypoint is stored
in unit memory, it will always reference the LORAN
chain number and secondary stations currently selected
in the Setup TD fi eld. If you enter a different LORAN
chain number, change the secondary stations or offsets in
the Setup TD fi eld, the active waypoint information will
refl ect those changes. Since the GPSMAP unit does not
rely on the LORAN signal for navigation, it can reference
a different GRI chain and/or secondary stations and still
navigate to the location stored in memory.
Units Page
Position Format
Options Menu
Main Menu Page
Setup Page
The ‘User’ datum is based on
a WGS-84-Local datum and
is an advanced feature for
unlisted or custom datums. To
learn more, check your local
library or on the world wide
web for educational materials
on datums and coordinate
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