Garmin 120 GPS Receiver User Manual

This feature provides you with a monthly calendar
with programmable reference notes dates. You can display
one monthly calendar of days at a time and mark days on
each with reference notes using the data entry keypad.
Days that are shaded have notes added. You can create
reference notes for multiple months and for months in
years yet to come. You can record 100 notes with up to
18 characters each.
To change the month and year:
1. Highlight the left or right arrows on either side
of the date and press IN on the CLICK STICK to
change the month/year. The left arrow will show
past months/years and the right arrow will show
future months/years.
To use the current month and year:
1. Choose ‘Set To Current Date’ from the Options
To create a reference note for a selected date:
1. Use the CLICK STICK to highlight the day of the
month and then press IN to display the Options
Menu for the date.
2. Highlight and select ‘New Note’ to begin entering
text from the keyboard.
Observe the message as it is created in the message
block below the keyboard.
3. To edit or delete a note previously created, highlight
the date and press IN on the CLICK STICK. Options
shown include ‘Edit Note’, ‘Delete Note’, ‘View Sun
and Moon’, or ‘View Hunt and Fish’.
To delete notes by week:
1. Choose ‘Delete Notes...’ from the Options Menu.
2. From the ‘Oler Than..’ window, choose the desired
option and press IN on the CLICK STICK.
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Calendar Page Options
Calendar Page Keyboard
and Message Block
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