Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Automatic Compass Calibration
The self-calibrating feature of the compass eliminates the
need to calibrate the compass for normal conditions.
During a short initial period, the compass may appear
erratic and the CAL symbol will appear on the display.
After the vehicle has completed at least one complete
circle in an area free from large metal objects, calibration
will be complete when the CAL symbol is extinguished.
After initial calibration, the compass will continue to
automatically update this calibration whenever the ve-
hicle is in motion.
Manual Compass Calibration
Compass calibration can also be requested. To manually
calibrate the compass, use the STEP button to step to the
compass/ temperature display and then hold down both
the STEP and US/M buttons simultaneously until the
CAL symbol is displayed. Release the buttons once the
CAL symbol appears. Manual compass calibration has
been initiated at this point. Drive the vehicle in circles in
an area free from large metal objects until the CAL
symbol is extinguished.
When the CAL indicator goes off, the compass is cali-
brated and should display correct headings. Verify
proper calibration by checking North (N), South (S), East
(E), and West (W). If the compass does not appear
accurate, repeat the calibration procedure in another area.
Compass Variance
Variance is the difference between magnetic North and
geographic North. For proper compass function, the
correct variance zone must be set.
Setting the Compass Variance
Refer to the variance map for the correct compass vari-
ance zone. To check the variance zone, the ignition must
be on and the compass / temperature displayed. Hold
down both the US / M and STEP buttons simultaneously
until the VAR symbol is lit and then immediately release
both buttons. The current variance zone will now be
displayed. To change the zone, press the STEP button
until the correct zone is displayed. Wait for about 5
seconds. The trip computer will store this variance in
memory and the compass will resume normal operation.