Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

L9 = Code representing the tire size.(2 digits)
ABCD = Code used by tire manufacturer.(1 to 4 digits)
03 = Number representing the week in which the tire was manufactured.(2 digits)
03 means the 3rd week.
01 = Number representing the year in which the tire was manufactured.(2 digits)
01 means the year 2001.
Prior to July 2000, tire manufacturers were only required to have 1 number to represent the year in
which the tire was manufactured. Example: 031 could represent the 3rd week of 1981 or 1991.
Tire Loading and Tire Pressure
Tire Placard Location
The proper cold tire inflation pressure for
passenger cars is listed on either the face of the drivers
door or the drivers side B pillar. For vehicles other
than passenger cars, the cold tire inflation pressures are
listed on either the Bpillar, the Certification Label or in
the Tire Inflation Pressures brochure in the glove com-
Tire Placard Location