Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Your vehicle could move and injure you and others if
it is not completely in P (Park). Check by trying to
move the gearshift lever back and forth without
depressing the shift button after you have set it in P.
Make sure it is in Park before leaving the vehicle.
Never use the Park position as a substitute for the
parking brake. Always apply the parking brake fully
when parked to guard against vehicle movement and
possible injury or damage.
R Reverse
Shift into this range only after the vehicle has come to a
complete stop.
N Neutral
Engine may be started in this range.
D Overdrive
This range should be used for most city and highway
driving. It provides smoothest up shifts and down shifts
and best fuel economy.
When frequent transaxle shifting occurs while using the
Overdrive range, such as when operating the vehicle
under heavy loading conditions (in hilly terrain, travel-
ing into strong head winds, or while towing heavy
trailers), use the 3 range.
3 Drive
This range eliminates shifts into Overdrive. The transaxle
will operate normally in first and second while in this
A delayed shift from second to third will occur at speeds
of about 31 to 38 mph (50 to 60 km/h) and low levels of
accelerator pedal travel. An early down-shift from third
to second will occur at a speed of about 34 to 30 mph (54
to 48 km/h). This is done to provide second gear engine
braking at speeds less than 30 mph (48 km/h).