Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

engine speed or power may be noticed when the com-
pressor is on. This is a normal occurrence since the
compressor will cycle on and off to maintain comfort and
improve fuel economy.
Recirculate Button
Press this button to recirculate the air inside the
vehicle. Outside air is prevented from entering the
vehicle. Recirculation is automatically controlled when
the system is in Auto Mode. Use this mode to temporarily
block out any outside odors, smoke, or dust.
Manual control of Recirculation is possible only in Panel,
Floor, and Bi-Level modes. It will not operate in Mix, or
Defrost modes.
The Recirc button light will blink if you try to
use it in the Mix or Defrost modes.
Air Direction Buttons (Mode)
These buttons allow you to select from five air distribu-
tion patterns. These buttons should be used only when
you can not achieve comfort or visibility in Auto opera-
tion. A symbol in the display window will show which
mode is operating.
Air is directed through the outlets in the instru-
ment panel. These outlets can be adjusted to direct
air flow. This mode is not recommended when heat is
Air is directed through the floor outlets with a
lesser amount through the Defrost and side
window demist outlets. This mode is recommended
when heat is desired.
Air is directed through the floor, defrost, and
side window demist outlets. Use this setting in
cold or snowy conditions that require extra heat
at the windshield. This setting is good for maintaining
comfort while reducing moisture on the windshield.
The compressor is on in this mode.
Air is directed through both the panel and floor
outlets. This mode is not recommended when
heat is required in very cold temperatures.