Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Inserting The Compact Disc
This CD player will accept 4
inch (12 cm) discs
only. The use of other sized discs may damage the
CD player mechanism.
You may either insert or eject a disc with the radio OFF.
If you insert a disc with the ignition ON and the radio
OFF, the display will show the time of day.
If the power is ON, the unit will switch from radio to CD
mode and begin to play when you insert the disc. The
display will show the track number and index time in
minutes and seconds. Play will begin at the start of track
Press the top of the SEEK button for the next selection on
the CD. Press the bottom of the button to return to the
beginning of the current selection, or return to the
beginning of the previous selection if the CD is within the
first second of the current selection.
EJT Eject
Press the EJT button and the disc will unload and move
to the entrance for easy removal. The unit will switch to
the radio mode.
If you do not remove the disc within 15 seconds, it will be
reloaded. The unit will continue in radio mode.
The disc can be ejected with the radio and ignition OFF
(except on convertibles).
Press FF (Fast Forward) and the CD player will begin to
fast forward until FF is released. The RW ( Reverse)
button works in a similar manner.
Random Play RND/Program Button 4
Press the RND (button 4) button while the CD is playing
to activate Random Play. This feature plays the tracks on
the selected disc in random order to provide an interest-
ing change of pace.