Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Fan Control
Use this control to regulate the amount of air forced
through the system in any mode you select. Turn the
control clockwise to increase fan speed.
In ambient temperatures below 21°C (70°F), fan opera-
tion is delayed when the engine is first started. The fan
will automatically start when the engine coolant is warm
enough to heat the air. This feature can be defeated by
turning the fan control.
AUTO Control
Press the top of the button to turn the ATC system On.
Press the lower portion of the button to turn the entire
system Off.
Comfort Control
Use this control to regulate the comfort inside the pas-
senger compartment. Press the top of the switch to raise
the temperature selection and the bottom of the switch to
lower it. The comfort setting range is from Low, 60,
61, 89,90, Hi, for automatic temperature control. You
can select a very hot or cold comfort setting by holding
the comfort control until it reaches its highest or lowest
The system adjusts to bring the interior temperature to
the desired comfort level. All comfort settings are auto-
matic; even Hi and Low.
You can change the display from U.S. to metric
units by pressing the Mix and Panel mode buttons
simultaneously or by pressing the English/Metric button
on the overhead console.
Air Conditioning Button
Press this button to turn on the air conditioning
compressor. A snow flake symbol in the display
shows that the compressor is on. Compressor
operation is automatic when you press the Auto button.
The compressor can operate at any temperature above
With the compressor off and the temperature set at Lo, air
entering the vehicle will be slightly warmer than the air
outside the vehicle.
The compressor will not engage until the engine
has been running for several seconds. Slight changes in