Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Over 40 automobile manufacturers around the world
have issued and endorsed consistent gasoline specifica-
tions (the World Wide Fuel Charter, WWFC) to define
fuel properties necessary to deliver enhanced emissions,
engine performance, and durability for your vehicle. The
manufacturer recommends the use of gasolines that meet
the WWFC specifications if they are available.
Reformulated Gasoline
Many areas of the country require the use of cleaner
burning fuel referred to as Reformulated Gasoline.
Reformulated gasolines contain oxygenates, and are spe-
cially blended to reduce vehicle emissions and improve
air quality.
The manufacturer supports the use of reformulated gaso-
lines. Properly blended reformulated gasolines will pro-
vide excellent performance and durability of engine and
fuel system components.
Gasoline/Oxygenate Blends
Some fuel suppliers blend unleaded gasoline with mate-
rials called oxygenates such as 10% ethanol, MTBE and
ETBE. Oxygenates are required in some areas of the
country during the winter months to reduce carbon
monoxide emissions. Fuels blended with these oxygen-
ates may be used in your vehicle.
DO NOT use gasolines containing Methanol. Use of
these blends may result in starting and driveability
problems and may damage critical fuel system com-
Problems that result from using methanol/gasoline
blends are not the responsibility of the manufacturer.
While MTBE is an oxygenate made from Methanol, it
does not have the negative effects of Methanol.