Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

On garage door openers with the Rolling Codefeature,
the transmitter code changes after each use to prevent the
copying of your code.
To check if your device is protected by a Rolling Code
Check the owners manual for the device for mention
of Rolling Codes.
Press and hold the programmed button on the Univer-
sal Transceiver. If the Universal Transceiver indicator
light flashes rapidly and then stays on after 2 seconds,
the device has the Rolling Code feature.
To train a garage door opener (or other rolling code
equipped devices) with the rolling code feature, follow
these instructions after completing the Programming
portion of this text:
The assistance of a second person may make the
following programming procedure quicker and easier.
1. Locate the training button on the garage door motor
head unit. The exact location and color of the button may
vary by garage door opener manufacturer. If you have
difficulty in locating the training button, check your
garage door opener manual, or call 1-800-355-3515 or, on
the Internet, at
2. Press and hold the training button on the garage door
opener head unit This will activate the training light.
After completing step 2, you have 30 seconds to
start step 3.
3. Return to the Universal Transceiver in the vehicle and
firmly press and release the garage door button. Press
and release the button a second time to complete the
training process. Some garage door openers may require
you to do this procedure a third time to complete the
Your garage door opener should now recognize your
Universal Transceiver. The remaining two buttons may
now be programmed if this has not previously been
done. Refer to the Programming instructions. You may
use either your Universal Transceiver or your original
hand-held transmitter to open you garage door.