Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

through several of your typical driving cycles. In most
situations the vehicle will drive normally and will not
require towing.
The Malfunction Indicator Light flashes to alert to serious
conditions that could lead to immediate loss of power or
severe catalytic converter damage. The vehicle should be
serviced as soon as possible if this occurs.
11. Fog Light Indicator If Equipped
This light shows when the fog lights are ON.
12. Temperature Gauge
The temperature gauge shows engine coolant
temperature. Any reading within the normal
range (approximately mid point on the scale)
shows that the cooling system is operating properly.
The gauge pointer may show a higher than normal
temperature when driving in hot weather, up moun-
tain grades, in heavy stop and go traffic, or when
towing a trailer.
If the pointer rises to the Hmark, stop the vehicle and
turn off the engine until the problem is corrected.
There are steps that you can take to slow down an
impending overheat condition. If your air conditioning is
on, turn it off. The air conditioning system adds heat to
the cooling system and turning off the A/C removes this
heat. You can also turn the Temperature control to
maximum heat, the Mode control to Floor and the Fan
control to High. This allows the heater core to act as a
supplement to the radiator and aids in removing heat
from the cooling system.
13. Engine Temperature Warning Light
This light warns of an overheated engine cool-
ant condition.
14. Transmission Range Indicator
This indicator illuminates to show the automatic trans-
mission gear selection.
An optional AutoStick Gear Indicator displays the current
transaxle gear when in AutoStick mode.
15. Odometer/Trip Odometer
The odometer shows the total distance the vehicle has
been driven.