Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

There is a varying difference in temperature
between the upper and lower outlets for added comfort.
The warmer air goes to the floor outlets. This feature
provides improved comfort during sunny but cool con-
Windshield Defrost
Air is directed through the defrost outlets and
side window demist outlets. A small amount of
air also is directed through the floor outlets. Use this
mode with maximum fan and comfort level settings
for best windshield and side window defrosting. The
defrost symbol will glow in amber to show that the
defroster is on.
The air conditioning compressor is on in this
mode. This dehumidifies the air to help dry the wind-
shield. To improve fuel economy, leave in the defrost
mode only when necessary.
Rear Window Defroster
Press the button once to turn on the Rear Window
Defroster and a second time to turn it off. An
indicator light in the control shows that the defroster is
The defroster turns off automatically after 15
minutes of operation. Each later activation will allow 7
1/2 minutes of operation.
To avoid damaging the electrical conductors, do not
use scrapers, sharp instruments, or abrasive window
cleaners on the interior surface of the rear window.
Labels can be peeled off by soaking with warm
Window Fogging
In mild but rainy or humid weather, your windows may
fog up on the inside. You can remove this fog by pressing
the Defrost button. The Mix mode can be used to
maintain a clear windshield and provide sufficient heat-
ing. If side window fogging becomes a problem, increase
blower speed. The compressor will remain on during
these conditions.
Do not use the recirculated air mode under
these conditions as window fogging may occur.