Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Program Button 1
Press this button to play the next available disc.
Program Button 4 (Random Play)
Press this button while the CD is playing to activate
Random Play. This feature plays the selections on the
current compact disc in random order to provide an
interesting change of pace. The CD changer stays in the
random play mode when changing to the next disc.
The changer will not random play between
Press the top of the Seek button once to move to the next
randomly selected track. Press the bottom of the Seek
button to go back to the beginning of the track.
Press button 4 a second time to stop random play.
Program Button 5
Press this button to play the previous disc.
Time Button
Press this button to switch between time of day and CD
track time.
Changing Modes
While in the radio mode, if a cassette is loaded, press the
Mode button to switch to the tape mode. If a CD is
loaded, press the Mode button to select the CD mode. If
neither a tape nor CD is loaded, the radio will ignore the
Inserting either a tape or CD automatically starts that
mode of play.
Pressing the AM/FM button while in the tape or CD
mode will select the radio mode.
If in the CD mode and the last CD is ejected, the radio
will tune to the last station selected.
Removing Discs from the CD Changer
If there is a single CD in the changer, press the EJT button
and the CD will eject. If the CD is not removed within 15
seconds, it will automatically reload into the CD changer.