Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Interior Care
Use Mopar Fabric Cleaner to clean fabric upholstery and
Use Mopar Vinyl Cleaner to clean vinyl or leather uphol-
Mopar Vinyl Cleaner is specifically recommended for
vinyl trim.
Use mild (Ivory Flake) solution to clean all surfaces. Wipe
with clear water and soft (lint free) cloth.
Do not use cleaners, conditioners and protectants con-
taining silicon or bleach as these may cause gloss level
increases and/or discoloration.
You should not increase the gloss level, especially on top
of the instrument panel top surface. Higher gloss levels
will increase the reflectivity in the windshield that could
decrease visibility under bright light driving conditions.
Do not use volatile solvents for cleaning purposes.
Many are potentially flammable, and if used in
closed areas they may cause respiratory harm.
Leather Seat Care and Cleaning
Never use polishes, oils, cleaning fluids, solvents,
detergents, or ammonia based cleaners to clean the
leather. The leather has already been pretreated. The
application of any leather conditioner may damage
the factory applied top coat.
Leather is best preserved by regular cleaning with a
damp soft cloth. Small particles of dirt can act as an
abrasive and damage the leather surface and should be
removed immediately with a damp cloth. Stubborn soils