Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Hood Latch
When performing other under hood services, the hood
latch release mechanism and safety catch should be
inspected, cleaned, and lubricated.
It is important to maintain proper lubrication to insure
that the hood mechanisms work properly and safely.
Multi-Purpose Lubricant, NLGI Grade 2, should be ap-
plied sparingly to all pivot and sliding contact areas.
External Lock Cylinders
Lubricate the external lock cylinders twice a year, prefer-
ably in the fall and spring. Apply a small amount of
lubricant, such as Mopar Lock Cylinder Lubricant di-
rectly into the lock cylinder (avoid excess lubricant).
Insert the key into the lock cylinder and rotate from the
unlocked to the locked position; without adding more
lubricant. Repeat this procedure three or four times. Wipe
all the lubricant off the key with a clean cloth, to avoid
soiling clothing.
If you use a lubricant that cannot be dispensed directly
into the lock cylinder, apply a small amount of the
lubricant to the key. Insert the key into the lock cylinder,
then proceed as described above, to distribute the lubri-
cant within the lock cylinder. Pay attention to trunk
hinges, especially during cold weather, to ensure ease of
trunk operation.
Other Body Mechanisms
The following body mechanisms should be inspected
and, if necessary, all pivot and sliding contact areas of
these components should be lubricated with the lubricant
specified as follows:
Engine Oil
Door hinges
Hood hinges
Trunk hinges
Smooth White Body Lubricant - Such as Mopar
Spray White Lube:
Hood hinge springs and links
Lock cylinders
Parking brake mechanism