Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

The left rotary switch controls the heat level for the
drivers seat, and the right rotary switch controls the heat
level for the passengers seat. These switches feature
several heat settings ranging from 0 to 6.
To Fold The Front Seatback Forward:
Turn the high mounted release lever rearward and fold
the seatback forward. If you release the lever early, a
safety feature locks the seat into that position. Turn the
release lever again to continue lowering the seat. Just
before the seatback reaches the full forward position, a
soft click will be heard. This is a signal that the
seatback is unlocked and can be raised without the use of
the release handle. Raise the seatback until it locks into
Easy Entry System
How to operate the passenger front seat:
1. Rotate front seat handle rearward until seat back
2. While holding the handle, push seat back forward
until a click is heard, then let go of the handle.
3. Continue pushing the entire seat forward until it slides
toward the dashboard.
4. To return seat to a sitting position, push seat rearward.
5. Rotate seat back upright until it locks.
Seatback Release Lever