Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Cassette Player Features
With ignition OFF and the sound system OFF, you can
eject the tape cassette by pushing the EJECT button.
You can turn the tape player ON by inserting a cassette or
activating the MODE button (with a cassette in the radio),
but only when the ignition and radio are on.
Each time a cassette is inserted the tape player will begin
playing on the side of the cassette that is facing up in the
Music Search
Pressing the SEEK button while playing a tape will start
the Music Search mode. Press the SEEK button up for the
next selection on the tape and down to return to the
beginning of the current selection, or return to the
beginning of the previous selection if the tape is within
the first 5 seconds of the current selection.
The SEEK symbol appears on the display when Music
Search is in operation. Music Search shuts off automati-
cally when a selection has been located.
Selective Music Search
Press the SEEK button up or down to move the track
number to skip forward or backward 1 to 7 selections.
Press the SEEK button once to move 1 selection, twice to
move 2 selections, etc.
Fast Forward And Rewind Buttons
Pressing the TUNE button up or down momentarily
activates Fast Forward or Rewind and makes the direc-
tional arrows appear on the display.
To stop Fast Forward or Rewind, press the TUNE button
Time Button
Press the time button to toggle between station frequency
and time of day.
SCAN Button (Cassette Mode)
Pressing this button while playing a cassette tape will
change the side of the tape being played.
NR (Noise Reduction)
Pushing the Number 2 Pre-set button when a tape is
playing deactivates the Dolby Noise Reduction System*.