Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

U.S. federal regulations require that upon transfer of
vehicle ownership, the seller certify to the purchaser the
correct mileage that the vehicle has been driven. There-
fore, if the odometer reading is changed, during repair or
replacement, be sure to keep a record of the reading
before and after the service so that the correct mileage can
be determined.
The trip odometer shows individual trip mileage. To
switch from odometer to trip odometer, press and release
the Trip Odometer button. Press and release the Trip
button a second time to return to the odometer. While in
trip mode, press and hold the button for at least
to reset the trip odometer.
Door, Deck or Trunk Ajar Warnings
If you move the vehicle and a door is not completely
closed, the word DOOR will replace the odometer dis-
play and a chime will sound once. The odometer display
will reappear when the door is closed. If the trunk is not
completely closed, the word DECK will replace the
odometer display. The odometer display will reappear
when the trunk is closed.
16. Anti-Lock Warning Light If Equipped
This light monitors the Anti-Lock Brake System
described elsewhere in this manual. This light
will come on when the ignition key is turned to the
RUN position and may stay on for several seconds. If
the light does not come on, have the system checked
by an authorized dealer. The warning light should be
checked frequently to assure that it is operating prop-
If the ABS light remains on or comes on during driving,
it indicates that the Anti-Lock portion of the brake system
is not functioning and that service is required, however,
the conventional brake system will continue to operate
normally provided that the BRAKE warning light is not
17. Oil Pressure Light
Shows low engine oil pressure. The light will
come on and remain on briefly when the igni-
tion is turned on as a bulb check. If the bulb does not
come on during starting, have the bulb repaired