Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Fluid and Filter Changes
Automatic transmission fluid and filter should be
changed as follows:
Maintenance schedule A No change necessary.
Maintenance schedule BEvery 60,000 miles (96 000
km) change fluid and filter under the following condi-
Police, taxi, limousine, commercial type operation, or
trailer towing where the vehicle is driven regularly for
more than 45 minutes of continuous operation.
Refer to Section 8 of this manual for mainte-
nance schedules.
If the transaxle is disassembled for any reason, the fluid
and filter should be changed.
Special Additives
The manufacturer recommends against the addition of
any fluid additives to the transaxle. The only exception to
this policy is the use of special dyes to aid in detecting
fluid leaks. The use of transmission sealers should be
avoided as they may adversely affect seals.
Fluid Level Check
Check the fluid level by removing the fill plug. The fluid
level should be between the bottom of the fill hole and a
point not more than 4.0 mm below the bottom of the hole.
Add fluid, if necessary, to maintain the proper level.
Frequency of Fluid Change
Under normal operating conditions, the fluid installed at
the factory will give satisfactory lubrication for the life of
the vehicle. Fluid changes are not necessary unless the
lubricant has become contaminated with water. If con-
taminated with water, the fluid should be changed im-
Appearance Care And Protection From Corrosion
Protection of Body and Paint from Corrosion
Vehicle body care requirements vary according to geo-
graphic locations and usage. Chemicals that make roads
passable in snow and ice, and those that are sprayed on
trees and road surfaces during other seasons, are highly
corrosive to the metal in your vehicle. Outside parking,
which exposes your vehicle to airborne contaminants,
road surfaces on which the vehicle is operated, extreme