Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

you operate the vehicle immediately after refueling for
a period of at least 5 minutes
Observing these precautions will avoid possible hard
starting and/or significant deterioration in drivability
during warm up.
When the ambient temperature is above 90°F
(32°C), you may experience hard starting and rough idle
following start up even if the above recommendations are
Selection of Engine Oil
For best performance and protection of your vehicle, use
only crankcase engine oils that meet the following re-
American Petroleum Institute (API) Engine Oil Identi-
fication Symbol
This symbol means that the oil has
been certified by the American
Petroleum Institute (API). We
only recommend API Certified en-
gine oils that meet the require-
ments of DaimlerChryslers Mate-
rial Standard MS-9214. Use Mopar
or an equivalent oil meeting the
specification MS-9214.
The manufacturer strongly recommends against the ad-
dition of any additives (other than leak detection dyes) to
engine oil. Engine oil is an engineered product and its
performance may be impaired by supplemental addi-