Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Rear Seat Outlets
These outlets are located under the front seats and direct
warm air to the rear seat passengers. Air is directed
through these outlets when you select either the Floor,
Bi-Level, or Mix modes.
Rear Window Defroster
The Rear Window Defroster button is located to
the right of the Mode Control. Press this button
once to turn on the Rear Window Defrost and a second
time to turn them off. A light above the button shows that
the defroster is on.
The defroster turns off automatically after 15
minutes of operation. Each later activation will allow 10
minutes of operation.
Side Window Demisters
A side window demister outlet is at each end of the
instrument panel. These non-adjustable outlets direct air
toward the side windows when the system is in either the
FLOOR, MIX, or DEFROST modes. A small amount of air
is directed to the side window demisters in BI-LEVEL
mode as well. The air is directed at the area of the
windows through which you view the outside mirrors.
Windshield and Side Window Fogging
Interior fogging on the windshield can be quickly
removed by using the defrost position on the mode
Your side windows may fog on the inside in mild
rainy or humid weather. To clear the windows,
select the Panel-Air Conditioning mode on the
Mode Control. Point the panel outlets toward the side