Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Hot Weather Automatic Recirculation
The system will automatically recirculate the air inside
the vehicle when the interior is very warm. This will
provide maximum cooling. The system will also occa-
sionally return to REC on hot, humid or very hot, dry
days to maintain occupant comfort.
Side Window Demisters
Side window demisters are located on the instrument
panel. These non adjustable outlets direct air toward the
side windows in any mode except Panel or Panel Recir-
culation. The air is directed toward the area of the side
windows through which you view the outside rearview
Rear Seat Outlets
These outlets are located under the front seats and direct
warm air to the rear seat passengers. Air is directed
through these outlets when you select either the Floor,
Bi-Level, or Mix modes.
Outside Air Intake
Make sure that the air intake directly in front of the
windshield is free of obstructions. Leaves, snow, etc.,
could block air flow into the vehicle.
If you cannot get comfortable in the AUTO
mode by adjusting the comfort set point up or down
please refer to the Operating Tips chart (for ATC only) at
the end of this section for suggested control settings in
different weather conditions.