Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Trip Conditions
Average Fuel Economy (AVG ECO)
This display shows the average fuel economy since the
last reset.
Estimated Range (DTE)
This display shows the estimated distance that can be
traveled with the fuel remaining in the tank. This esti-
mated distance is based on the most recent trip informa-
tion: (Average Fuel Economy) x (Fuel Remaining)
This display cannot be reset.
Present Fuel Economy (ECO)
This display shows fuel economy for the last few sec-
This display cannot be reset.
Trip Odometer (ODO)
This display shows the distance traveled since the last
Elapsed Time (ET)
This display shows the accumulated ignition ON time
since the last reset.
Compass Temperature Display
This display provides the outside temperature and one of
eight compass readings to indicate the direction the
vehicle is facing.
Even if the display still reads a few degrees above
32°F(0°C), the road surface may be icy, particularly
in woods or on bridges. Drive carefully under such
conditions to prevent an accident and possible per-
sonal injury or property damage.
Compass Calibration
The Automatic Compass Calibration feature eliminates
the need for the operator intervention under normal
conditions. If the CAL indicator is lit, the compass needs
to be calibrated. A good calibration requires a level
surface and an environment free of large metal objects
such as large buildings, bridges, underground cables,
railroad tracks, etc.