Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

FLEXIBLE FUEL (2.7L Engines with Automatic
Transmission Only)
E-85 General Information
The information in this section is for Flexible Fuel ve-
hicles only. These vehicles can be identified by the unique
fuel filler door label that states Ethanol (E-85) or Un-
leaded Gasoline Only. This section only covers those
subjects that are unique to these vehicles. Please refer to
the other sections of this manual for information on
features that are common between Flexible Fuel and
gasoline only powered vehicles.
Only vehicles with the E-85 fuel filler door label can
operate on E-85.
E-85 is a mixture of approximately 85% fuel ethanol and
15% unleaded gasoline.
Ethanol vapors are extremely flammable and could
cause serious personal injury. Never have any smok-
ing materials lit in or near the vehicle when remov-
ing the fuel filler tube cap (gas cap) or filling the
tank. Do not use E-85 as a cleaning agent and never
use it near an open flame.
Fuel Requirements
Your vehicle will operate on both unleaded gasoline with
an octane rating of 87, or E-85 fuel, or any mixture of
these two.
For best results, a refueling pattern that alternates be-
tween E-85 and unleaded gasoline should be avoided.
When you do switch fuels, it is recommended that:
you do not switch when the fuel gauge indicates less
than 1/4 full
you do not add less than 5 gallons (19 liters) when