Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

You will first loosen the adjusters on the lower straps and
on the tether strap so that you can more easily attach the
hooks or connectors to the vehicle anchorages. Next
attach the lower hooks or connectors over the top of the
anchorage bars, pushing aside the seat cover material.
Then lift the carpet flap to expose the tether anchor
directly behind the seat where you are placing the child
restraint and attach the tether strap to provide the most
direct path between the anchor and the child restraint.
Finally, tighten all three straps as you push the child
restraint rearward and downward into the seat, remov-
ing slack in the straps according to the child restraint
manufacturers instructions.
Improper installation of a child restraint to the
LATCH anchorages can lead to failure of an infant or
child restraint. The child could be badly injured or
killed. Follow the manufacturers directions exactly
when installing an infant or child restraint.
Installing Child Restraints Using the Vehicle Seat
The passenger seat belts are equipped with cinching latch
plates which are designed to keep the lap portion tight
around the child restraint so that it is not necessary to use
a locking clip. Pulling up on the shoulder portion of the
lap/shoulder belt will tighten the belt. The cinching latch
plate will keep the belt tight, however, any seat belt
system will loosen with time, so check the belt occasion-
ally and pull it tight if necessary.
In the rear seat, you may have trouble tightening the
lap/shoulder belt on the child restraint because the
buckle or latch plate is too close to the belt path opening
on the restraint. Disconnect the latch plate from the
buckle and twist the short buckle-end belt several times
to shorten it. Insert the latch plate into the buckle with the
release button facing out.
If the belt still cant be tightened, or if by pulling and
pushing on the restraint loosens the belt, you may need
to do something more. Disconnect the latch plate from
the buckle, turn the buckle around, and insert the latch