Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

If you press the door lock switch while the keys are in the
ignition switch, and the drivers door is open, the doors
will not lock.
If the door lock plunger is down when you shut the door,
the door will lock. Therefore, make sure that the keys are
not inside the vehicle before closing the door.
Central LockingIf Equipped
Turning the drivers door lock to the unlock position
twice within five seconds will unlock both doors. Turning
the key in the drivers door to the unlock position once
will unlock only the drivers door.
Locking the drivers door with the key will lock both
Door Ajar Warning
If you move the vehicle and a door is not completely
closed, the word DOOR will replace the odometer dis-
play and a chime will sound once. The odometer display
will reappear once the door is closed.
Automatic (Rolling) Door Locks
The doors will lock automatically, as programmed from
the factory, if:
1. The transaxle is in gear,
2. All doors are closed,
3. Vehicle speed is above 15 mph (24 km/h),
4. The accelerator pedal is depressed.
Door Lock Plunger