Chrysler 2005 Sebring Convertible Automobile User Manual

Slight changes in engine speed or power may be noticed
when the air conditioning compressor is on. This is a
normal occurrence as the compressor will cycle on and
off to maintain comfort and increase fuel economy.
If your air conditioning performance seems
lower than expected, check the front of the air condition-
ing condenser for an accumulation of dirt or insects. The
air conditioning condenser is located in front of the
radiator. Clean with a gentle water spray from behind the
radiator and through the condenser. Fabric front fascia
protectors may reduce air flow to the condenser, reducing
air conditioning performance.
Temperature Control
Use this control to regulate the tem-
perature of the air inside the passenger
compartment. The blue area of the
scale indicates cooler temperatures
while the red area indicates warmer
Mode Control
The mode control allows you to
choose from several patterns of air
Recirculation Air Conditioning
Recirculated interior air is cooled and sent
through the instrument panel vents. Upon
initial start up of the vehicle in very hot or
humid weather, open windows and put in
outside air modes to flush hot/humid air out. Then
turn on the Recirculation mode to cool the vehicle
interior rapidly. The Recirculation mode can also be
used to temporarily block out any outside odors,
smoke, or dust.
Continuous use of the Recirculation mode may
make the inside air stuffy and under mild, humid condi-
tions cause windows to fog. Use of this mode for longer
than 15 minutes is not recommended.